Montana By Air LLC
I have over 6000 hours of experience in Maules including more than 800 hours of dual instruction
given in tail wheel Maules. I can provide Maule specific training for insurance purposes and new
owner check outs. If you already have a private pilots license I can provide tail wheel
endorsements in my Maule. For those of you that already own a Maule and want to be more
proficient in high winds, cross winds, short field, and mountain operations give me a call. Certain
times of the year I am able to travel to your location for training.

Cut Bank airport (CTB) is located close to the mountains and I can use many of the ranch strips
and open prairie in the surrounding area. Depending on the time of year I operate with 8.50 x 6
tires, 31" Alaskan Bushwheels, or wheel skis.  

Most of the year the wind blows in the 20 to 30 kt range. This gives ample opportunity for
crosswind practice. Later in the day the wind can gust over 35 kts giving the chance to practice
gusty and high wind operations. During ground school we can also discuss maintenance issues
pertinent to the Maule.

My instruction and techniques are geared to the person that wants to explore the off field and short
field capabilities of the Maule. I have small grass landing areas mowed out on the Cut Bank
airport where we can safely practice accurately landing the Maule. After you get comfortable
landing on these narrow and short strips we can venture out into the surrounding area and put
those big tires to use. Here is a video clip of short field landings and take offs in the MX7-160.
When you are in the area you can visit Glacier National Park, fish for 5 lb. trout or hike the many
mountain trails in the area looking for wildlife. Amtrak stops twice daily in Cut Bank providing
service from the Seattle/Portland to Chicago areas. Commercial flights come into Great Falls
(GTF) and Kalispel (GPI).  For those of you in Europe there are nonstop flights from London to
Calgary Alberta Canada. Cut Bank is about a 41/2 hour drive south.

Rates -
        MX7-160       $125.00 / Hobbs hour
        M6-235          $185.00 / Hobbs hour
        Instruction in my aircraft (Ground and Flight) -  $50.00 / hour clock time
          10 hour block - includes all related ground and flight instruction
                          MX7 --  $1650.00         M6 -- $2250.00
        Instruction in your aircraft (Ground and Flight) - $50.00 / hour clock time
                Daily rate - $250.00 plus expen
ses if away from Cut Bank

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